Vincenzo Coronelli 1650-1718

Geographer, cartographer, inventor, editor the Venetian friar Vincenzo Coronelli could be considered one of the most famous constructor of globes of the seventeenth century.

Scientific instruments and fabulous machines, his globes, generally in couple (celestial and terrestrial), decorate the libraries of monasteries, of scientists, of princes and sovereigns.

Famous are those made in the 1683 the Roi Soleil, Louis XIV, for the Palace of Versailles, became soon object of curiosity as the greatest ones made since that time.

Father Vincenzo Coronelli have lived, above all, in Venice in the convent of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, where he built the Accademia degli Argonauti, considered the most ancient geographical society of the world.

Indefatigable polygraph and editor, he published in the 1690 the Atlante Veneto (including the famous Libro dei Globi) considered the first Italian atlas.

At the same time of the cartographical production he was also interested in the encyclopaedically one, in fact he was the inventor of the first encyclopaedia, unfortunately unfinished, modernely structured.

The prestige acquired during the years by Coronelli was so big that he was named official cosmographer of the Repubblica della Serenissima (Venice) until his death.